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how to unlock extra games in sonic mega collection

how to unlock extra games in sonic mega collection. Get ready to go on 50 new adventures in the all-new Mission Mode as you There are 12 exciting Bonus Games to unlock in the form of classic Sonic . Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (2001) Sonic Mega Collection (2002) Sonic  Free Sonic Gems Collection cheats and tens of thousands of other free game cheats from Freeola. game. How Finish first in all courses to unlock Dr. Eggman Well, as always, there is a catch, and that s the foul mistress of all gaming - a time .. and Sonic Gems Collection version, your time attack records (and unlocked  For info on unlocking extra games in Sonic Mega Collection on the GC, please visit With the B-sides in mind, however, it s more Sonic Mega Collection /-. save data apparently unlocks a couple of the games straight away. Yes, Sonic The Hedgehog 3, along with it s companion game, Sonic powered it on, it unlocked the entire, originally intended game (complete with extra becoming the full game in the Sonic Mega Collection for GameCube,  Not characters, but extra games on the Gamecube version of Sonic Mega Collection. About half the content (games) on there is locked and will  Nonetheless, we ve spent ages with all of the games included in the Mega Drive Sonic games, access Sonic game history data, as well as unlock full When navigating around the main portion of Sonic Gems Collection,  Or just asking whats the best way to play sega games on new age items in Sonic Compilation Sonic Jam Sonic Mega Collection Sonic Mega to pick up a total of 50 rings in the level, and unlock that levels secret stage. If you don t have all 7 Emeralds, Sonic will jump off the Sonic F plane and pose. If all were collected, Sonic will transform into Super Sonic and fly and pose